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Add Me Veg - Active Community! 
11:22pm 28/01/2010
  Add Me Veg -  an 'Add Me' community aimed at vegetarian and vegan friends on livejournal!

<lj user="addmeveg">

I love my omnivore friends, but sometimes its nice to have a few fellow veg*ns on one's friends' list, swap recipes, discuss dinner ideas, and share ideals about animal welfare and animal protection
Not to mention, not have to explain yourself about your dietary choices (unless you wish to).  ;)

Promises to be a drama free, non-snarky, fun space!

Looking forward to seeing you over there!!
Vegetarian Cravings? 
07:25pm 16/12/2009
  Do you ever miss anything?

Actually going veggie was very easy for me as I was never a great meat lover.

I've been vegetarian for 15 years and I only occasionally think of two things:
KFC chicken (not the actual chicken, the secret spice coating, wish KFC would fry me up a sweetcorn on the cob!)
Black pudding (an Irish foodstuff, if you don't know what black pudding is, I doubt you want to!)

I never liked bacon but I understand the substitutes (fake bacon) so far aren't very good?
Is there anything else you wish was better?
Recommendations for cookbooks 
01:21pm 09/12/2009
  Hi all
I've been vegetarian for most of my life and I love cooking, especially discovering new styles of cooking. I have a lot of cookbooks that are just generic vegetarian/vegan recipes, quite a few Italian ones and then various cookbooks for recipes from other countries. My absolute favourites of the moment though are Thai and Middle Eastern food, and I only have one cookbook for each of them, so I'm running out of recipes! Can anyone recommend a good Thai or Middle Eastern cookbook that's specifically for veggie recipes? I haven't managed to find any in a bookshop and I don't want to just buy one online without having some idea whether it's any good.
If anyone has any other recommendations for veggie cookbooks from other regions, I'd love to hear them too - I'm always on the lookout for new stuff!
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Vegetarian Town! 
09:14am 24/11/2009
  This might sound a bit crazy but I wish there was a vegetarian area, like Mormons can just move to Utah to be with other Mormons, Muslims move to Iran, be with other Muslims...

Not that I don't like omnivores, just wouldn't it be great to move to a place with vegetarian stores, restaurants and a whole population of people that had the same ideals as you?

Is there anywhere like this?
Typically I'm against segregation, but it would be nice to have an area to escape to.
Often I don't think about being vegetarian because for me, I couldn't consider living any other way, so when others mention eating fish / chicken whatever I'm shocked and surprised and then remember where I am.
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Invitation to join a debate at Ecomotion for ethical and sustainable eating 
04:56pm 06/06/2009
  Debate on Environmental and Sustainable Eating.

Dear Vegetarian_Uk Community

This is an invitation for your online group to take part in testing an environmental community forum found on Ecomotion, which is in its developmental stages.



Sustainable FarmingCollapse )
Vegan Three Peaks Challenge (Sponsorship Required!) 
01:28pm 20/04/2009
  Hi all,

Some friends of mine are doing a sponsored event to raise money for Animals Count, a UK political party for animals that is standing in the European Elections in June.

In less than two weeks time, they'll be attempting the Vegan Three Peaks Challenge:
Why would three otherwise well-behaved, sensible young folk choose to brave snow, freezing winds, sharp rocks and assorted injuries to run around cold, dark mountain peaks in the middle of the night? (i) because they are mentally ill, (ii) to repent for past sins, (iii) because they have been wickedly blackmailed into participating, or (iv) all of the above???

Whilst the truth may never be entirely known, certain facts are clear. The three peaks they will be attempting to climb ― in a single 24 hour period from 12:00 May 2nd to 12:00 May 3rd ― are the highest in all of Scotland, Wales and England. If they survive, they will cover around 25 miles (40 km), climb around 10,000 feet (3,050 m), and endure a hair-raising ride of 450 miles (725 km) over winding mountain roads at night, in a distinctly haunted minibus!

Fortunately, however, they do have one important advantage. They are members of the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association, which means that as well as being naturally skilled at doing extremely silly things, they are committed vegans, and therefore enjoy certain important advantages over meat-eating mountaineers, such as higher antioxidant status ― which speeds exercise recovery.

Additionally, despite their dubious mental status, they are all really very nice people, and will each be donating 100% of the proceeds raised by their participation to Animals Count ― whether they live or not. Animals Count is even nicer, as well as being rather clever. They are a UK political party for people and animals, who will use their funds to contest the EU elections on 4th June 2009. This will be the first time a UK political party for animals will have contested these elections. By doing so they aim to increase the consideration given to animal issues by all political parties!

Team Vegan is committed to minimising their environmental impacts during their three peaks challenge. They will leave no litter, will use mountain paths where they exist, will neutralise the carbon emissions created by their trip at www.CarbonNeutral.co.uk, using their own personal funds, and, most importantly, will be entirely vegan! Why is that important? Because animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to global warming and species loss ― as well as being frequently cruel to animals, and bad for human health! Further information about these important issues is available from organisations like the Vegan Society and Vegan Outreach.
It's a really hard thing they're doing (which why I've wimped out!) and they're really hoping to raise as much money as possible. They're funding all their costs, so 100% of all money donated will go to the cause.

There's a paypal donation link to Animals Count at the bottom of the Vegan Three Peaks Challenge.

Oh, and if you have any statements of best wishes or good luck, then please post them here. I'm sure they'll really appreciate them, and I'll make sure to post a follow up report here letting you know how it went.
First Ever Veggie Pride UK 
12:04pm 14/04/2009
  Anyone reading here going? Apparently they've got over 300 pledged attendees already.

Birmingham, UK - Sat 16 May - http://www.veganmidlands.org.uk/veggiepride/

02:49pm 02/03/2009
  What is your favorite Vegetarian Cookbook?  
Veggie Pride UK 2009 
10:27am 12/02/2009
  Has anyone reading been to one of these:




There's an attempt to organise the first one in the UK this year for Sat 16 May 2009:


but they need 500 signatures in support before the local government will give permission (see http://www.pledgebank.com/VeggiePrideUK):

"Subject to council approval, the event is likely to consist of an outdoor festival with food, stalls, live stage entertainment etc and a vibrant carnival procession through the city streets, with local steel band, samba band, colourful costumes (eg. super heroes, vegetables, animals etc!!), banners, flags etc."

Sounds like it could be fun, with music and cheerful chanting (although a silent procession shouting 'Go Veg!' sounds depressing!).

x-posted to vegetarian
London dinner 
01:50pm 10/10/2008
  The London Vegan Meetup group and VEG London are having a joint dinner at The Peking Palace next Thursday, 16th October. It will probably be followed by a trip to get beer or cake (or ideally both).

The Peking Palace do east-Asian style mock meat vegan/vegetarian dishes with no MSG. The dinner is a social gathering of vegans, and vegan friendly/interested people.

7:30pm, Thursday 16th October 2008
Peking Palace
669 Holloway Road, N19 5SE
Nearest tube station is Archway.

Edit: This was originally on the Friday, but the  date needed to be changed so it is now on Thursday.

If anyone is interested in coming along, please let me know and I'll add you to the RSVP list.

Tofu advice? 
02:50pm 16/09/2008
  So to all you foodies and veggers i look for a little help and advice...

I've just bought some Marigold Braised Tofu cos it looked nice, what do i do with it? Any serving suggestions would be neat-o.

Also i bought some Blue Dragon Firm Tofu (silken style) what is the best way to prep this for use?

many thanks
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11:11am 06/05/2008
  I'm trying to find a good icing recipe and tried the one from vegan cupcakes take over the world yesterday. It was good but I had to only use margarine as had no shortening. Vegan shortening in the UK does it even exist? Tried goodnessdirect who had none.

Failing this any good icing recipes using easily found ingredients?

Thanks in advance!
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Budget Diets! 
02:54pm 31/01/2008
  Hi guys! I'm new to the community, I've been a vegetarian on and off most of my life, but decided to stick with it as of late summer-ish last year, having my first veggie Christmas. Yay!

Anyway. Despite the fact I class myself as a vegetarian, I don't actually eat that healthily. I mostly eat ready made meals cooked in the microwave, which is proving to be pricey and perhaps not that healthy at all.

So. I've been reading books and alsorts, but could really really do with some advice or tips on how to eat healthily on a budget. I mostly shop at ASDA, cos they're cheap and have a nice-ish veggie range and their tinned veg doesn't contain added salt or sugar, unlike Tesco's. My husband is a meat eater, doesn't even touch veg (He's a fussy eater hehe) and he says it is cheaper to eat on a meat diet, than a vegetarian one, and wants me to eat meat again. I would sooner prove him wrong, and get something outta this i.e more money and more fruit/veg and healthy thingies.

If anyone wants to help, I'll be very grateful! :D
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user pic 
09:16am 11/01/2008
  I wondered if the community owner would consider changing the user pic of the rat behind bars to a more uplifting and positive one?

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Veg Views 
05:55pm 09/01/2008
  It is coming up for two years since the night I decided to become vegetarian. While I am not ready to go vegan, it has always stuck in my gut while eating meat shaped and flavoured substitue foods (not physically :) but the ethics of it. Why do I do it if my reason for being vegetarian is because I love animals. Why do I eat meat tasting burgers if I can't bear to think of how cows are treated? Why eat Quorn chicken fillets that are shaped like the real thing if the point of my choosen diet is to get away from that sort of thing? Why do I eat Redwood bacon style strips that taste exactly like the real thing if I can't bear to eat pigs or think of how they are bred for human consumption? And what is more, why are these companies making these foods to taste like meat for vegetarians? It just all does not make sense to me. But until I can learn to let go of these foods and create other alternatives, I might aswell call myself a meat eater. Maybe some of you feel the same.

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13,500 Chickens Need Rehoming 
11:22am 17/12/2007
  (Crossposted to ukvegans)

Got the following email on a mailing list. I'm not sure myself about whether we should be doing things like this (are we simply helping a farmer feel less guilty about something she's going to continue doing?), but I do recognise that those involved are taking on one hell of a task and I admire them for it - so I thought I'd pass it on:
An APPEAL to you all.

We have the opportunity to legally liberate 13,500 chickens in July 2008 (near Brighton|Sussex). We desperately need homes for them. Please please let us know if you can help us, whether it is 1, 10 or 100 we would love to hear from you.

We also need boxes vehicles and drivers and donations and folk to help on the days as well. As soon as we have the dates, we will send them out.

If you can help please contact brighton animal action http://www.brightonanimalaction.org

Please post this on fourms e-mails myspace anywhere you can.

Many thanks,

I've did bit of googling and found the report they did from last year. The PDF appears to be down, but Google has it cached:

3,499 free range, organic hens were rescued from slaughter by Brighton Animal Action in an operation that lasted 5 days. Here is the full report on why we had this opportunity, what was involved and why we were not able to save the 13,500 we were originally offered.

Why rescue free range organic hens?

Many people do not realise that even free range organic hens go to slaughter when they reach the end of their egg laying productivity. Supermarkets consider them to be no longer commercially viable at a maximum of 80 weeks (often it is 72 weeks). This is because the rate at which hens lay eggs slows down after this time and the shells may become thinner and sometimes have slight deformities. Hens will lay eggs for the majority of their lives (5-7 years on average). Due to the demand for the perfect egg and the amount of eggs consumed in the UK, the supermarkets insist the farmers slaughter the birds at no older than 80 weeks, ready for a new batch a few weeks later. A vegetarian would not eat a free range chicken but many do not realise that by eating even a free range organic egg they are signing the death warrant for the hen that laid it.

For the second year in a row Brighton Animal Action were given the opportunity to save some of these birds from slaughter and although we knew the birds would be replaced once they were gone we decided to save the lives that we had the opportunity to save. There was no financial loss or gain to the farmer by us taking these birds.

Rest of report...
Animal Abuse in Ukraine 
07:18pm 02/11/2007
  www.LuckyLovers.net friends and romance network, the site which is constantly involved in Animal Welfare programs, joins forces with Kiev City Society for the Protection of Animals in protest to the inhumane treatment of animals, abuse and cruelty in Ukraine.

About 156,000 stray cats and dogs are annually hurt, abused and killed in Ukrainian cities and towns. When caught by the dog catchers, some stray animals are used for painful experiments.
Stray dogs are often bludgeoned or put to death by electricity or caught using an inhumane poison and sometimes die slow, painful deaths. Instead of putting an animal to sleep with the use of euthanasia (i.e. the act of killing an animal painlessly), the animal service uses dithylinum (suxamethonium chloride), a poison which paralyzes the animal and causes it to die of suffocation in a few hours of agony. There is ample evidence that the poor creatures are still conscious and feel all the pain before they die. It is often the case that animals are beaten with legs and metal sticks, whereupon they are buried or burned alive.

Lots of people witnessed animals being tortured and murdered - little kittens tied up in plastic bags and thrown in the river, people intentionally run stray pets over with their cars, newly born puppies dumped on vacant land without their mother and left them to die.
Stories are endless and make hearts of every Human Being bleed.

Authorities of small Ukrainian communities for ever used and are still using different kind of poison - rat poison and recently they "discovered" a new method of killing stray animals - Isoniazidum (Tubazidum) anti-tuberculosis drug causing cheap, but very slow and painful death

more information is available here: www.LuckyLovers.net/petrescue.html

To sign a petition to Ukrainian government, please, go to
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