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Welcome to The vegetarian Community in the UK.

This is a community for vegetarians and vegans, or anyone who is just interested in the meat-free lifestyle! There are already some very good vegetarian communities my favourite being vegetarian
This community was primarily created for vegetarians in the UK so UK specific vegetarian info especially welcome, however recipes, restaurant reviews etc all extremely welcome. .

Please try to keep posts on-topic to vegetarian related issues. Personal posts belong in your personal journal.

While we welcome discussions about vegan issues (vegans are vegetarians, after all) and animal rights (to a degree) there are some things that will not be tolerated, such as accusations, harassment, or attacks against other members for their diet choices. This is a community where vegetarians of any flavor can come as a place to find like-minded friends, a place to find support, share, and learn, and as a place where we can feel free from attacks about our choices. If you want to rant about people deciding to eat cheese, or to debate about the vegetarian vs. vegan differences please do so in a vegan community, not here.

Basic Rules.

1) Be polite. We are all decent, civilised people here, so let's try and act like it.

2) Vegetarian related quiz results behind an lj-cut, and if someone else has already posted that quiz please put your result as a reply to the original. All others not welcome here.

3) If you want to post a picture here or very long text, please use an LJ cut.

4) Try to stay on topic.

5) No adverts for other communities. No adverts full stop.


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